16 September 2008

story time: aly

this would not yield the same reaction outside of provo.

when aly (the one in the lovely middle) and i had only been roommates a little while (and were still getting to know each other), we were grocery shopping at macey's. it was late at night, i was probably contemplating the paper i had not yet begun, which was also due the next day, and whether or not i should have picked up more discounted string cheese. it was a busy night, early enough in the semester to send BYU students in droves to the markets to fill empty cupboards with all the necessary ingredients to win lovers by nurturing stomachs. thus the store and the lines were sardine packing style.

all of a sudden aly turns to me and says with a very solemn, gentle voice, "so merzy, what are you going to do about your classes?"
i yawned, "what do you mean?"
"you know, [eyes widening and jaw clenching] what are you going to do about classes when...?" her eyes darted to my stomach and back to my face.
"aly, what are you talking about?"
in a slightly exasperated and definitely louder voice, "when the baby comes! are you going to drop out of your classes or wait for them to kick you out or what?!"
about 50 shocked eyeballs in my grocery line as well as the neighboring line-ups looked over at me. i started to laugh.
"merzy," she hissed, "this is not funny. have you even told the father yet?" i swear a few people gasped in line 7.

good times, good times.


Andrew+Aly said...

Merzy that story was hilarious- I don't even remember doing that to you. Good thing you have a great memory. I wanna hear more- what else do you remember- what other terrible things did I do to you?:)haha

Merzy said...

oh don't worry al, i have loads more stories, and i shall share them ALL!

liNdsEYloO said...

(pees pants at work) LOL

Nat D said...

That there was one of the greatest stories ever told. Lovely.

P.S. Is that your hair or a wig or both...

Merzy said...

that's MY hair! yes even!

Aubrey said...

Oh you're kidding me. That is hilarious. I knew I loved Aly for a reason! :)