05 September 2008

one little 8

i just got an email reminding me of what i'm doing tomorrow morning at (deep breath now) 8:30!

i'm going to knock doors and talk to the citizens of huntington beach about prop 8.

what a sensitive subject. i know this is hard for loads of people, i don't like to see people upset (especially at me), but talking about it never hurt a flea. in the end i trust our prophet, i trust marriage as the institution it's always been, and most of all i trust that the chips will not so much fall randomly as much as land very purposefully where they were omnisciently intended long ago.

people never yelled at us in costa rica (or hardly ever yelled at us) because i think it's hard to yell at girls in skirts and orthopedic shoes. i think i'll most definitely wear a skirt tomorrow. yelling is the #1 reason why i'd never join the army.


Aubrey said...

Nice picture. Very fitting. Good luck on the walk tomorrow. You'll do fine! And if they yell at you, well then politely shut their own door in their face. They'll be speechless. :)

Margaret said...

Good luck tomorrow Merz. I'll keep a little prayer in my wee heart for you.
Also, go for the orthopedic shoes. I wouldn't yell at someone in them myself.

Katie said...

Man, good luck. The good news is the OC is fairly conservative. I wouldn't dare do that around here!