26 September 2008

i really make it a point to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. long gone are the days of 18-dom when i could go to bed at 3, greet the 7am morning, and skip off to school and work like a little bunny, and then repeat the whole cycle again. when i get too tired, i become overly cynical and the bloom is off every rose that ever had a fighting chance in this world. in an effort to not drive away every friend and loved one i call mine, i make sleep a priority. big ol' chubby priority.

but sometimes things come along that out-prioritize priorities.

last night i was initiated into this little club that watches a certain tv drama with religious diligence and masterful respect. while this show is now in its 5th season i never "got into it" until this last summer. now i've seen every episode, some more than once (hey, there's not much to do in vegas when your skin starts to melt off your face the moment you step outside). i suppose at first it was a cruel blow to my pride that i was so enamored of this show at all, but my gosh! it's amazing what thick curly "skillfully disheveled" hair and a scalpel can be when blended!

so while it's great that the tv show is back on (ignoring the fact that season premieres are always heavy on the "check out my new hair-do and how much weight i gained/lost over summer!" and over-acting) it is even grey-ter that the other members of the club are such fabulous company. i had far far far too much fun with them. today, these women are things which WON'T fall prey to my ugly cynicism and crankiness. this is because they're only lovely/lovable. they are true comedy, they are honest, they are sassy, they are kind, they all look great (which is nice because i can't be expected to hang out with ugly people...i've not done it before and don't intend on starting NOW), and just because i'm the only one without bling and people who grab onto my ankles and call me "mommy" we all know we can all still be real friends. we stayed up until 1am talking and eating and smothering each other in encomiums.

well worth friday crabbiness.


Nat D said...

we love you too.

can't wait to do it again.

although i TOTALLY hurt. soooo TireD!

Robins Nest said...

I'm still recovering... but oddly willing to suffer again. Glad to have you.

I guess I am no longer a lurker on your blog since I just posted a comment!

brightonislove said...

I also love this show :)

Too bad it wont be on for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!! I cant even believe it. What ever am I going to do with myself?! ;)

byers babes said...

Now I don't think Grey's will be the same WITHOUT you. We'll try to come up with a new set of "20 Questions" in the wedge for you next time.