06 September 2008

8's great.

i just got home after the prop 8 walk.  yes, even! 

for a few hours today i was a "vote 2008" pin wearing (i was disappointed there were no "hi my name is MEREDITH" stickers), flier passing, door knocking, cereal girl.  besides this, my long lost college friend james was my companero for the day, and i became privy to all the nitty, gritty, exquisite details of his love life since i last saw him at tiff's wedding in 2006.  nice.

people were very kind.  orange county is more conservatively abiding than i thought!

there were two people in sufficiently passionate agreement who thanked us for going out and doing this stuff; one of these offered to post a "prop 8" sign in his front yard.  almost all the rest were luke warm in their feelings, so no yelling hit my ear drums.  

there was only one girl who nudged rudeness.  she was one of the last feathers we ruffled.  fast dawning was the inkling it might not go well because she quickly identified that we were election fiesta people and interrupted with, "well i just moved here from new york so i don't know about any of the california propositions, but i'm an extreme democrat."  did i mention she also said just prior to that, "sorry, i'm having a REALLY BAD MORNING."  perf.  so anyway i start telling her about prop 22 and the way in which it was overturned and how "yes" on 8 keeps marriage between a man and a woman and she goes, "so, YOU want marriage to stay between a man and a woman."  "yep."  "ooh, you're conSERvatives.  well, i'm not gay, but i love everyone, and i think they should get married if they want."

as we walked away james told me i should have said, "we ARE gay, we just don't think we should be allowed to get married! ever!"

nah.  lying turns your soul black.


Nat D said...

man you've got a good set of cojones cause I would have peed my pants if someone wanted to duke it out. But that must be because you just have skillz.

KatieB said...

you're lucky it went so well. my parents and sister got many doors slammed in their faces with a few choice words.

Hilary and Dave said...

My mom's doing the same thing up North. Way to go! And yes, you should have told her you were gay. That would show her!