29 September 2008

storytime: suzy banana split

another freaking BYU story:

in my last semester at BYU there was a girl in my ward named tasha haute. pronounce the last name "hot." tasha was a great gal; her portrayal of sporty spice in the ward lip sync was pretty much spot-on. the strapping gentlemen in the ward noticed her loveliness and started to plan to work on tasha, and then began to work their plans. i knew nothing of the successes or failures of these suitors, only that she had options a-plenty.

one night i was coming back late with some friends and parking the car. guess who should be stashed in the dark and apparently romance-spurring corner of the parking garage. tasha hot and fellow wardie john fudge! making out like 12 year olds! yes, 12 year olds. after closing our mouths so as not to appear cod-fishes, we evacuated the premises in a manner not unlike mary ann, mrs. dashwood, and margaret in that pen-ultimate scene in sense and sensibility.

in the time since, i have ascertained that tasha haute and john fudge did indeed take their compatibility to the bank, and were married after i graduated BYU.

so tasha became tasha hot fudge.

true story.

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charity said...

totally having a riot reading your blog. sad that I didn't get to know you better!

any luck on the house-hunting?