07 September 2008


now m'lamb sarah doesn't feel so far far away.  

i've been newly introduced to www.scrabulous.com -- scrabble a la on line.  it kinda makes me feel like i am paying for my whole seat in the grand scheme of things, but i'm only using the edge.

here's why:

-i am improving my vocabulary as i play, which makes me feel less guilty for the fact that i'm goofing off on the world wide web and ignoring my GRE flashcards.  

-you know that idea that there are 2 old fuzzy men on desert/ed islands passing a game of hangman or tic-tac-toe in a bottle betwixt those islands?  welcome to message in a bottle gaming 2008!

-sarah's totally beating my trash into the next century.  scrabulous is neato because i can also start a different game with anyone i please.  "surely not!" you say.  and now i say, "why certainly!  scrabulous.com does not put a ceiling on how many simultaneous games you play!" anyone know any 10 year olds up for the game?  i could probably beat them.  although i taught coulter to play spit (or speed or whatever you happen to call it) thinking i'd get a nice ego boost, and he too beat my trash into the next century.

happy sabbath!

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Erin said...

Okay now I'm going to have to go check out the site! Thanks for sharing. P.S. Love the blog. P.P.S. You are such a hottie!