17 September 2008

some haphazardly collected 2s

2 objects i could not do without:
-my space heater at work. best $30 i ever did shell out.
-GPS. oh wait, i don't have one. it's something i shouldn't be doing without. i flip far too many u-turns in life.

2 things i would rather be eating (as opposed to the stale orbit gum that's currently floating around in my mouth):
-mochi balls (with some frozen yogurt on the side)
-the grilled vegetable salad from california pizza kitchen. it's so fabulous it could make a grown man cry and blubber.

2. the song Two by ryan adams. that's not 2 things, but it's one great 2. listen to it. now. if you want to, i mean.

2 things i miss about vegas:
-my co-workers. you'd miss them too. this is the christmas skit for which i wrote the script...ok...fine, i ripped off from the office:

-living in my own place but within minutes of charming family

2 movies you should see as soon as you're able:
-wag the dog
-big fish

2 actions i'd take back if i could:
-eating at that hole in the wall taco shack last night
-telling sanjay bajaj i wouldn't dance with him at the 8th grade dance. that wasn't very nice.

2 reasons you should eat a large plunket of chocolate right this second:
-the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain.
-in honor of freddy and fanny and merrill. i don't mean to be flippant. chocolate, at the very least, can't hurt in times like these.

2 proofs that i am a child of the 80s:

-i know who she was and what she did for a living.

-i remember watching him perform at the grammies and my mother's subsequent lecture on using clean language (m.c. unfortunately didn't hear it, though.)

2 reasons for me to end this post:
-i have to go fax something.
-i'll get back to you on that other reason.


Nat D said...

ahhhh lisa frank. neon animals that come on paper and pencils. true love.

Elizabeth said...

Why are we talking about Lisa Frank in the past tense? She's alive and well I hope! Creating more lovely neon fantasy animals on notebooks for the next generation!

Merzy said...

sadie won't go to school with anything less.