26 September 2008

when the internet has a heart

at my last job http://www.pandora.com/ was blocked. don't ask me why, i didn't make the rules. therefore, pandora and i had a halted relationship.

at THIS job, facebook is blocked (healthy) but the illustrious pandora is mine, all mine (healthier).

pandora is quickly becoming my best friend. it is so in tune with what i want to hear or become better acquainted with. if ever there were a gift that kept on giving, this would be it. i'm almost starting to feel guilty. all give and no take. guilty toward a musical website? yep.

but the real crux came when pandora played a song i, in fact, just didn't quite love. not that i hate dave matthews, i just don't feel like listening to him, hardly ever almost never. so i clicked the little thumbs down button. immediately swooping to my screen was this massive, servile apology and promise to NEVER play that song in the future.

oh pandora.

if pandora were a person, i would have given it a big hug, said, "it's ok, i know you did your best, and that's all anyone can do," patted it on the head, and sent it on its way.

maybe even the internet has feelings. that would have made one bizzle-esque twilight zone episode.


[AnnieR] said...

loooooove pandora. I might even name my unborn child pandora.

Hilary and Dave said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so getting into that!