19 September 2008

i shared the on-line scrabble love with my friend megan. we have been playing bi-coastal scrabble for about 48 hours now. i received the following email yesterday, it was so fabulous i had to share:

I am now enamored to the point of no return with online scrabble and believe that, due to my addictive personality, it will be the cause of my rapid demise...I can see it now...a poor soul swaddled in rags hunched over a blazing trashcan fire in the shanty towns of New York City's very own Central Park. From time to time a passing socialite may stop to offer the aforementioned wench a kindly word or a monetary token of goodwill and yet, she remains untouched. If one listens ever so intently she can be heard to utter quietly to herself as she rocks gently back and forth, back and forth, "a-x-e, that's 30 points!, 30 points!!"

What have you done to me??

megan, i make no apologies. not one.

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