13 September 2008

adventures in surfing: trip 1

basically, this is what i looked like this morning:not really, but i had a wonderful time, and i'll get there soon.  blue crush eaton.

2 things of which i am certain:

1) a wet suit is a beautiful thing. i am always cold. 99.9% of the time, i wish i could amp up the warmth of my given location. i was in the chilled ocean on a cloudy day, toasty warm as a freshly made s'more. thank you wet suit, i think you're swell (pun intended!).

2) my arms are jello tomorrow. j-e-l-l-o.


Nat D said...

man you can SURF? I've been wanting to learn for awhile but my husband is too impatient to teach me... you do look really hot in that barrel...

liNdsEYloO said...

you are a veritable fish of the seas :) i witnessed it.