03 September 2008

more brain vomit.

last night's brain vomit dream: although i have never been...como se dice..."athletic," the first thing i remember is being up to bat in a major league baseball game, wearing a cute dress, heels, and (thank heaven) no baseball cap. i was teamed presumably with the angels, because i was in their stadium with the crowd roaring heavenly enthusiasm. i was apparently about to bring it all home for them. the pitcher was winding up and suddenly i had this middle aged, pudgy guardian baseball angel advising me to not swing at the next two pitches, and i'd get walked to first base. guardian baseball angels do not lie, folks. a moment or two later i was leaping and bounding my way to first base. nice.

then, in that inexplicably omniscient way of dreams, i just knew that the next three hitters would ultimately succeed, and i would find myself stomping onto the home plate in no time. the excite-o-meter was off the charts. i was, all of a sudden, a total sports junkie, one of those "for the love of the game" people.

enter him:

he offers to buy me dinner with a winning, slightly off-kilter smile, so i just peace out of the game and aerate the baseball field with my stilettos, hand in hand with ryan gosling.

we went out, and were definitely having fun, so much fun that i slept through my alarm until lindsey woke me up with fifteen minutes to get ready and leave for work.

ryan gosling: like dr. luca from ER, a forever-my-dream-love.


[AnnieR] said...

what a two timer. he has visited me on my dreams as well.

Nat D said...

trust me you can be married and still enjoy it. ha ha! but strangely, they always turn into your husbands face after awhile. bummer.

Aubrey said...

you have the most unbelievably detailed dreams ever!