20 September 2008


you: and meredith, what would newport beach happen to taste like?
me: well, i'll tell you.  newport tastes like creme brulee, spinach stuffed mushrooms, ravioli, butter cake, diet pepsi, and third eye blind.
you: surely not!
me: why yes it does!  

apparently it's been tasting like that regularly for the past two decades, i was just living under a rock all that time, because i never even heard of it until this week.  A TASTE OF NEWPORT is a bit of genius!  the event planners must be former girl scouts, because it savored strongly of "international day."  well, except for the fact that most of the attendees were adults dressed up in their weekend finery instead of grammar school students in matching togas and sarongs.  that was the only difference.  that and instead of inhaling little samples of international cuisine for a dime each, it was a collection of the OCs most neat-o restaurants selling commensurately priced servings of their biggest money makers.  then the wedding singers cleared the stage to make way for THIRD EYE BLIND.  whoa.  like, totally reminded me of like, high school and stuff.  GO IHS VAQUEROS! it was good to get reacquainted with them. 

you:  wow.  third eye blind.  aren't they getting old now?  like, do they have to dye their hair to hide the grays?

me: probably, although from a certain angle the lead singer looked a lot like bono, which he was probably going for.  and even if they are getting old and arthritic, there were some real, true third eye blind junkies there.  one in particular was my absolute favorite.  he did NOT stop dancing for anything, except to maybe puff on his girlfriend's ciggie.  i don't have any beef with someone boogy-ing down when they want/need to, but i was just in awe of how he danced as if it were keeping the universe afloat.  as if the fervent nature of his jig would obliterate every milligram of evil in the world.  i actually took a semi-clandestine video of him, but there's not enough memory left on my laptop at this moment to upload it.  another day, another time.  there were some other groupies whose behavior i'll just not going into describing right now.  i think concerts would be much less interesting in the people watching department if prohibition came back.

so can i get a woot woot for A TASTE OF NEWPORT?
you: totally.


[AnnieR] said...

Huh. I always thought Newport tasted like tiny accessory dogs (which taste like chicken), silicone, Clive Christian perfume and desperation.

Nat D said...

annie forgot that it tastes also like juicy couture.

so get this. we were there last night at fashion island and we ate at cafe r and d but not before passing by the TON and all I saw were a bunch of wannabee St Pauli's girls out front... no Third Eye Blnders...

We were waiting in line for the restaurant and there was this totally cute girl in front of us, cute boots, bag, hair, everything. So I'm thinking I can't wait to have her turn around so I can see the whole package and she did and I'm like WHOA! She was like a 60 year old with a 20 year old's body.

And I thought to myself, only in Newport.

P.S. Stupid Sprinkles closes at 7. Talk about a let down. But instead I had dark chocolate Hazelnut gelato which is basically Nuttella in gelato form. Which I say, genius.

Cheers dericious.

m.m. said...

why don't i ever hear of these events!? sounds like a tasty treat of nostalgia.

liNdsEYloO said...

you SAW TEB!?? an didn't even tell me??? i'm upset. mostly bc i'm jealous. :)

andreafilio said...

Lets see this video... im sure it's not as bad as the menage a trois to the right of us...