28 September 2008

next month!

pretty soon my big sis is gon' have a BAYBAY. i'm all excited about the fast approaching ripeness of this small muffin, because muffins are cute and grand, and also because right now i have no hint of knowledge as to what flavor the small muffin will be. while i don't comprehend why she'd sit herself (and the rest of us) in the mystery mush pot for almost 9 months, i am so excited for them to have another lamb to add to their burdgeoning flock. and in just another 2 years, another set of hands to help out at the factory. just kidding.

e is an extraordinary mom. they are having a ball. someone told me that when she dies she wants to get to the other side and say, "i had a wonderful time!" e and k are setting up their kids in every which way to continue to say, "i'm having a wonderful time!"

i think one of the most hefty reasons for this is they never have questioned her love and respect for them. they love and respect her in return. i love this picture. this was at the cheesecake factory for m' burfday in july. she's explaining their menu options.

after you ogle at the beautiful cascades of curly hair between e and muffin niece, just look at the muffins look at her. it says it all to me. she loves them so clearly all the time, she wears herself absolutely out, all for them, being their mother and their friend, and they love her for it, and follow her lead. following leaders is easy when we know they are motivated by love.

are families not the best?

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Elizabeth said...

Oh Meredith! What a nice little moment for moi. I love that picture! My little dumplings are the best. Thanks for all the nice things you said. That means so much to me! You are indeed, a very fine auntie. we love you!